What is the actual size of the flower shop?

Answer Chose herbs that thrive in the heat, use lots of mulch, in the south east watch for mildew, in the south west use soaker hoses.

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Would you buy a Webcam off an ebay shop Or would you go to an actual shop, to buy one?

use Ebay you can get things 1/2 the price (or less) you pay in shops , i've just picked a netgear DG834GT router up for 15 quid on there

What is the actual size of a queen-size mattress and foundation?

A standard queen-size mattress and its foundation--or boxspring--measure 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Some mattresses come with split boxsprings, resulting in two smaller pieces that are more... Read More »

What is the actual size of .50 BMG?

According to, the actual size of a .50 BMG bullet is 0.510 inches. It's the largest bullet a U.S. gun owner can buy that isn't regulated by the National Firearms Act.References:Hevanet.... Read More »

How to Look Smaller Than Your Actual Size?

Looking slimmer is an American national past time. Many women and men desire a slimmer look, either on a daily basis or for a special occasion. There are many different tips and ideas for giving th... Read More »