What is the actual size of a piano keyboard?

Answer The standard piano keyboard's dimensions measure an average of 6.5 inches between octaves, the eight notes of a musical scale. The total width of a conventional keyboard averages a little over 48 i... Read More »

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What is the actual size of a queen-size mattress and foundation?

A standard queen-size mattress and its foundation--or boxspring--measure 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Some mattresses come with split boxsprings, resulting in two smaller pieces that are more... Read More »

How to Make Your Keyboard Like a Piano?

For a fun way to make music on the Internet, try visiting websites that turn your computer keyboard into a piano. Using midi piano sounds and Flash animation, these websites enable you to play a vi... Read More »

Piano vs. Keyboard Recording?

The recording of pianos and keyboards requires different recording approaches and techniques. Pianos are acoustic instruments and must be recorded with microphones connected to the recording device... Read More »

How many keys are in a piano keyboard?

Electric pianos typically have 49 keys, while full-size piano keyboards have 88 keys. The keys play 12 different notes at different pitches or octaves. The lowest and highest keys on both electric ... Read More »