What short-lived TV spinoff of Cheers featured Carla's ex-hubby Nick and his new wife played by the real-life wife of Casey Casem?

Answer The Tortelli's

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What is the origin of the name Carla?

The girl's name Carla is of German origin, according to the Parents Connect website. The name, which is primarily used in English-speaking countries, means "man" and is a form of the male name Carl... Read More »

Fake jewish actors: why are all these young actors emphasizing their 3% jewish heritage on wikipedia?

Jewish law says that for a person to be considered Jewish their mother MUST be Jewish, or have some Jewish heritage; simply having a Jewish father isn't enough.As for these people go around faking ... Read More »

Does Carla Bruni have any siblings?

Sadly, there probably is not much you can do to stop him. You could attempt to talk to him and convince him not to interfere, but it is not likely he will listen to you.

Who played Carla on"Scrubs"?

Carla Espinosa is a character on the TV show "Scrubs" and is played by Judy Reyes. "Scrubs" is a situation comedy that started in 2001. Reyes was born Nov. 5, 1967 and was raised in the Bronx, New ... Read More »