Does youthology eye serum really work?

Answer On One Hand: Product BenefitsAccording to, the Youthology eye serum is designed to seep into your skin and fill in wrinkles within 90 seconds of application. The cost in 2009 was $39... Read More »

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What is the active ingredient in Zicam?

The active ingredients in Zicam cold medicine are Zincum Aceticum and Zincum Gluconicum, which are both forms of zinc. Zinc supposedly reduces the duration of the common cold. While some medical st... Read More »

What is the active ingredient in Clorox?

The active ingredient in Clorox is made by combining sodium hydroxide and chlorine. Abel M. Hamblet suggested the name of the brand to be an amalgam of the active ingredients, forming the word, Clo... Read More »

What is the active ingredient in Zymox?

The active ingredients in Zymox include Lactoperoxidase, Lysozyme, Lactoferrin, and Hydrocortisone (1 percent). A version of the drug without hydrocortisone is also available. This medicine is manu... Read More »

What is the active ingredient in sleep md?

Sleep MD is a non-FDA-approved herbal supplement intended for use as a sleep aid. Its active ingredients include a number of herbs and extracts such as white willow extract, valerian root extract, ... Read More »