What is the acronym for the mobile Doppler radar unit?

Answer The acronym for the mobile Doppler radar unit is "radar," which stands for RAdio Detection And Ranging. It is often referred to as mobile radar on the go. The weather dish looks a lot like a satel... Read More »

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When was Doppler radar first used?

Doppler radar was first discovered in 1842 by Austrian scientist Christian Doppler. However, it wasn't used as it is today until the late 1980s--early 1990s by the National Weather Service, which i... Read More »

Uses for Doppler Radar?

Doppler radar technology is used to measure the speed of a moving object, which means it can be implemented in a range of helpful ways. It is based on the Doppler effect, which sees frequencies cha... Read More »

The Definition of Doppler Radar?

The Doppler radar is a method of measuring velocity using the Doppler effect, which was named after Austrian physicist Christian Doppler who proposed it in 1842. The radar is still used often in 20... Read More »

How does Doppler radar work?

Doppler radar works by beaming a microwave signal at an object and then listening to the reflection given off by the object. It then analyzes the signal received by the object and how it was altere... Read More »