What is acronym for LCD?

Answer There are two well-known definitions of 'LCD': One, which has to do with electronics, is 'Liquid Crystal Display'; the other, which has to do with math, is 'Least Common Denominator.'

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What is mgm an acronym for?

MGM is an acronym for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Metro Studios and producers Samuel Goldwyn and Louis B. Mayer merged in 1924. MGM has produced some of America's most acclaimed films such as "Gone with t... Read More »

What is the acronym SAP?

In the computer field, the acronym SAP commonly refers to systems, applications and products in data processing. SAP is a business software enterprise solution manufactured by the German company SA... Read More »

What is acronym BPA?

business professionals of America

What is the acronym for UPC?

The acronym UPC is most commonly used to refer to Universal Product Code, the bar code found on products in most stores. It could also refer to Uniform Plumbing Code, University Presbyterian Church... Read More »