What is the access test for ESL?

Answer English as a Second Language (ESL) is a term used in education to refer to students for whom English is not native. The access test is a standardized test used to determine the English proficiency ... Read More »

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How to Access the Developer Test Page of Your iPod?

This is not a hack. This was set up purposely by Apple.

How to Write a True & False Test for MS Access?

Microsoft Excel provides a number of different data formats, making it easier to create the tables and queries you need. The yes/no field format in Microsoft Access allows you to specify whether a ... Read More »

What is the difference between sequential file access, random file access, and binary file access?

Sequential file access means file can be accessed in only sequence as your audio tape. u can listen songs in sequence, however u can Fast forward it, but again it in sequence one by one. Random Acc... Read More »

Is WiMAX a big access point or does it still requiere installation of multiple access points inside buildings?

As I understand it, WiMAX is not meant for indoor broadcast use. The root device connect to a carrier is mounted on a tower and broadcasts over several miles. A user will have a WiMAX client device... Read More »