What is the abstract in apa format?

Answer If you're a freshman in college and writing a paper for the first time, you've likely never heard of APA format. Standing for the American Psychological Association, APA format is one of the two mo... Read More »

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Is an abstract double-spaced in APA format?

An abstract written in APA format is double-spaced. Do not indent the paragraph, which should be headed with the word "Abstract" centered on the page. The abstract is ideally one paragraph of 150 t... Read More »

What is an abstract?

An abstract is a written summary of findings contained in a research paper. A well-written abstract will compel someone to read the entire paper. Most researchers agree on five key elements for a c... Read More »

What is abstract artwork?

Abstract art is the "communication of meanings," says Alain Besançon, author of "The Forbidden Image." Abstract artworks approach art in an agnostic or mystical fashion; they exist independently o... Read More »

What is abstract photography?

Abstract photography is unlike most other types of photography - rules, such as composition and accurate focusing hold no values. The abstract photographer uses his creative imagination to create s... Read More »