How big is a 13 quart garbage can?

Answer The size of a 13-quart garbage can varies by type, material and manufacturer. For example, a Carver 09843 Wastebasket measures 9.2 by 10.8 by 13 inches and weighs 6 lb. A Rubbermaid 13-Quart Paper... Read More »

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How much does a quart of motor oil weigh?

Different types of fluids have varying weights, depending on the density of the fluid. For example, motor oil weighs more than gasoline; 1 qt. of motor oil weighs 31 oz., while 1 qt. of gasoline we... Read More »

How many jelly beans are in a quart jar?

The amount of jelly beans that will fit in a quart jar may vary according to the size of the jelly beans. For average-sized jelly beans, approximately 230 jelly beans will fit into a quart-sized gl... Read More »

How many cans can fit in a 150 quart cooler?

Coleman is the most common manufacturer of coolers; according to them a 150-quart cooler can hold 223 twelve-ounce cans plus ice. Custom-made coolers, like Big Texas Coolers, can hold 250 twelve-ou... Read More »

How big is a 2-quart casserole dish?

The size of a 2-quart casserole dish depends on its shape and depth. It holds 8 cups of liquid or dry measure. Examples include a round dish that is 3 inches deep and 8.5 inches across; a square di... Read More »