What does the abbreviation sos mean?

Answer The distress signal "SOS" does not stand for anything. An international committee chose the letters because they were easy to remember and quick to transmit via Morse code. In Internet slang, "SOS"... Read More »

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What does the abbreviation"PC"mean in law?

The abbreviation "PC" in the name of a law firm stands for "professional corporation," a form of corporate organization specifically designed for professionals such as attorneys, physicians, accoun... Read More »

What does the abbreviation PC mean?

As of May 2010, Acronym Finder lists 300 known meanings for "PC." Two of the most popular include "personal computer," generally referring to any type of desktop or laptop computer that runs DOS or... Read More »

Abbreviation of ibm?

International Business Machines

What does the abbreviation cc mean?

The abbreviation "cc" most commonly refers to "cubic centimeter," a unit of measurement. This abbreviation is also a common acronym for a number of terms, of which a complete list is available onli... Read More »