What is the Xvid format?

Answer A number of different technologies are available for producing digital video files, each of which has its own individualized format. An example of this is the Xvid format.IdentificationUsers can re... Read More »

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How to Convert Xvid to DVD Format?

Xvid is a video codec available on the Internet. Computer programmer volunteers from around the globe have pitched in to create this free, open source codec. Designed to be a free alternative to th... Read More »

What is xvid video format and do i need a special dvd player to play these?

xvid is a video codec which use mpeg-4 algorithm to encode video data, and most case use .avi as file extension name. You need a special Xvid Certified DVD player to play xvid video format, and if ... Read More »

What is Xvid?

A video codec, such as Xvid, is a piece of software or hardware that compresses/decompresses digital video files. They work behind the scenes to enable you to play video on your computer.Definition... Read More »

What does TS Xvid mean?

A video file labeled "TS" is of the telesync format, an amateur video that was shot with no audio and later had audio dubbed to it. A video file labeled "Xvid" is a video that was encoded using the... Read More »