Wisconsin Flower Garden Identification?

Answer In Wisconsin, one of the most rewarding activities is designing and maintaining a flower garden. Flowers with a variety of scents help attract pollinators that contribute to the health of the garde... Read More »

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When did Louisiana's state flower become a state flower?

I lived in Wisconsin and was receiving state assistance and child support. I moved to Missouri how do I end child support in Wisconsin and start getting it in Missouri?

Colorado's State Bird and State Flower?

Colorado's official symbols celebrate mountains and plains. In 1933 the state adopted the lark bunting as its official bird. The iconic blue and white columbine, which grows high in the Rocky Moun... Read More »

What state has the purple violet as the state flower?

Purple violets are the state flower of four states. Wisconsin in 1909, Rhode Island in 1897, Illinois in 1907 and New Jersey in 1971 all designated a species of purple violet as their official stat... Read More »