Have 1 white pimple. What do I do?

Answer 1.) Make sure you don't (ew) pop it.2.) Don't touch your face a lot, if at all, especially not that spot.3.) Wash your face 2-3 times a day, but NOT with soap! Use a facial cleanser--one that doesn... Read More »

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White-head pimple in vaginaadvice!?

Yes, it could be an ingrown hair, and hopefully it's nothing worse. Another possibility is hpv, which is the most common std and it wont show up in an std test, so most people don't even know they ... Read More »

Pimple or cold sore popped and white came out?

Well don't touch your eyes, nose, or ears, or anywhere else because you have more than a cold sore. You have oral herpes. Read here:…

White stuff in pimples...?

Oh jeez, that sucks. Do you wipe them with the pad and break the skin open, or do you blot? I highly, highly recomend blotting. Anything else and you're prone to scarring- scars that will last a... Read More »

I have white stuff coming out my V?

Don't worry, its just discharge, every girl gets it, it helps to keep you vulva clean and free of infection, you usually get it around 2 years before you start your period. If there's so much your ... Read More »