What is the WORST site on the internet?

Answer Ashley Madison

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When I start my Internet Explorer, it directly goes to www.nsl-org like site.Whereas I want Yahoo site soon.?

In IE on the menu up top, click Tools > Internet Options. When this opens up, on the "General" Tab, in the top section, change this URL to whatever you'd like. Make sure you click "Apply" for the n... Read More »

Which is the worst internet provider, in your experience?

TalkTalk.I am trying to connect a friend it has taken since Oct 2006 still no joy,I also tryed to connect my brother in law,it took 9 weeks,funnily enough so far I have got £300 compensation for t... Read More »

Is telstra broadband the worst internet provider in australia?

really!, optus is a close 2nd place,,, they suck!!!!!!!!!!!but im soooo lucky i only have 21 months left of my 24 month contract, lol,,,, i think theyr all shitt xxxxxxxxxx

The best internet site ever?

Try this sitestumbleupon.comIt's a toolbar you download onto your computer, you then fill out a profile of your interests like fashion, romance, games, sports, music, movies, philosophy, computers,... Read More »