What is the WEP key for a PSP Internet setup?

Answer The WEP key for a PSP Internet setup refers to the Wired Equivalent Privacy key that is required to connect to a wireless network. As the PSP's only method of connection to the Internet is via wire... Read More »

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How to Setup an Internet Server?

An Internet server provides other network users with the ability to connect to the server's Internet access point. This means the Internet connection on your server is used by other network users. ... Read More »

How to Setup AOL Wireless Internet?

When you purchase an AOL wireless Internet connection, you should be able to set it up in a couple of easy steps. Setting up your connection is easy to do, as long as you have the parts that you ne... Read More »

How to Setup Wireless Internet on a PC?

If you're tired of all the computer cables taking over your home, vanish them by creating a wireless network. Just add a router. Routers transmit a wireless signal that any computer with wireless ... Read More »

How good is this internet/TV setup?

For all the internet things, yea you will be browsing/using the internet with no problems. BTW its 150 Mb not MB. Two different measurements. I would have just bundled FIOS Internet and TV as Prime... Read More »