What did viking helmets do?

Answer A Viking helmet protected its wearer from possible blows to the head received during the intense hand-to-hand combat experienced in battle in the Viking Age (800-1050 A.D.)HistoryThe Viking helmet ... Read More »

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What was the viking space probe?

The Viking Space Probe was actually two different probes. Viking 1 and Viking 2 were used to explore Mars. The probes took photographs, did experiments and deployed instruments to the surface of Mars.

What did viking 1 and 2 discover in mars?

What were viking ships called?

The Vikings were known and revered for their ship building and the ships they sailed. The term used for Viking ships is Drakkar. The ships are recognizable for their pointy ends, front and back.Sou... Read More »

What year was nasa's viking launched?

Yes they did. Russia used a pencil! No this is completely false when NASA first began sending astronauts into space they didn't even have that much money to blow. The pen that astronauts in both R... Read More »