How to Cosplay As a Viking?

Answer Inside of every man, no matter how pasty and pathetic his life may seem, is a burly, muscular, brutal, and blood-thirsty Viking waiting to burst out and take life by the stones. While you may not w... Read More »

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What do Viking ships look like?

During the Dark Ages in Europe, Vikings raided much of the British and French coasts from there homeland in Scandinavia. To maximize the success of their conquests, Vikings made several different s... Read More »

When was viking 1 launched?

Viking 1 was launched on August 20, 1975

How to Draw a Viking?

Vikings were seen as dirty, old violent warriors. This wikiHow page will show you how to draw a viking. Just remember that vikings were seen as angry people so they never smiled.

What did viking helmets do?

A Viking helmet protected its wearer from possible blows to the head received during the intense hand-to-hand combat experienced in battle in the Viking Age (800-1050 A.D.)HistoryThe Viking helmet ... Read More »