Was, is The Verve a one hit wonder?

Answer No, they had a few hits. Bittersweet reached number two in the charts, even though it's their most well known song, but The Drugs Don't Work was their first and only number one. They had two other ... Read More »

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When pipes become blocked with lime scale in a hard water area is there anything that can be put through the pipes to unblock them?

According to me the pool should be cleaned thoroughly so that it is hygienically safe for the the people using the pool.The dead bird should be removed immediately & disopsed.

How to Convert Iron Pipes Into Steel Pipes?

Whether in sewer pipelines or other applications, when two different types of pipe meet and connect together in the same line, a transition fitting is installed between the two pipe ends. This fitt... Read More »

What exhaust does NASCAR use, X-pipes or H-pipes?

In NASCAR and other racing organizations, X-pipes are used to balance the pressure in the vehicle's exhaust system. The "X" design helps to avoid the pressure that is associated with an H-pipe styl... Read More »

Can i get tips for being an upcoming freshmen ?

Hey. I'm going to be a freshman too. I'm not nervous though. I'm really excited and can't wait for my AP classes and am excited to meet new people and be me! You should be happy and spend the rest ... Read More »