What can you do about pipes sticking through your drop ceiling?

Answer If you have pipes that are sticking through the drop ceiling in your basement, or anywhere in your house, there are a few things that you can do about them. Moving the pipes is a very expensive ide... Read More »

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What exhaust does NASCAR use, X-pipes or H-pipes?

In NASCAR and other racing organizations, X-pipes are used to balance the pressure in the vehicle's exhaust system. The "X" design helps to avoid the pressure that is associated with an H-pipe styl... Read More »

What would be a GREAT song title for a song about jealousy?

jealous bi*chjealousy is a disease, get well soon

About Utility ATV Exhaust Pipes?

Utility ATV exhaust pipes are not all created equal, which means there are many factors to consider when shopping for an ATV exhaust pipe system. Things to think about include pipe material, your ... Read More »

Was, is The Verve a one hit wonder?

No, they had a few hits. Bittersweet reached number two in the charts, even though it's their most well known song, but The Drugs Don't Work was their first and only number one. They had two other ... Read More »