What is the "Unnamed App" on Facebook?

Answer Hey Monie74:I just went through all of these same steps--from panic to adding back the Boxes tab. I think your mom can just "drag" the Boxes tab to where she wants it on her profile. I don't think ... Read More »

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What were the 2 unnamed spaceships sent to Mars?

There have been several "unmanned" spaceships, but none unnamed. The USSR, buoyed by several successful Earth-orbiting spacecraft, had ambitious attempts at Mars and Venus from 1960 to 1962. Any t... Read More »

Who are the unnamed people in underbelly?

How can I delete e-mails on gmail and how can I change my facebook settings so facebook dosen't e-mail me?

Using the same tab ou use to log out, go to account settings. Over to the left of the screen, there is a link called notifications. You can click that and uncheck what you don't want them to send y... Read More »

When my Facebook friends laugh directly at me when I'm in a Facebook webcam video, is that always funny?

yaya they may laugh at your 1st show it to few of your close friend..if they say its good..thn pnly upload it.