How to Be Like Kimbo?

Answer School dudes: Sick of being bullied? Sick of being down low? Seen Kimbo's fights? Want to be like him? Here is a guide for you! KIMBO!

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What is an F-108 fighter jet?

The F-108 was a fighter jet originally planned for use by the United States military. The government canceled the project in 1959, and the aircraft never entered production or service.NameThe F-108... Read More »

What do you do when you slice in golf?

Teeing the BallTee the ball higher off the ground than previously done. This will help reduce the backspin and sidespin the club creates when a swing is too steep.The StanceLine up the body toward ... Read More »

What is a fire fighter?

The purpose of a fire fighter is to put out fires, protect people from fire and try to save property from fire. They are also trained to assist people who are hurt or sick not only at the scene of ... Read More »

What color is a fighter?

During the Vietnam War, the US Navy & US Marine Corps had silver/grey colored jet fighters. The USAF painted most of their jets in camoflage.