Colorado's State Bird and State Flower?

Answer Colorado's official symbols celebrate mountains and plains. In 1933 the state adopted the lark bunting as its official bird. The iconic blue and white columbine, which grows high in the Rocky Moun... Read More »

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What bird is known as Mexican eagle in Texas?

The Crested Caracara is a member of the falcon family that is found in Texas, Arizona, Florida and South and Central America. This species is thought to be the bird that is depicted on the original... Read More »

Bird Hunting in Texas South Zone?

In Texas, the South Zone for dove and duck hunting is south of Interstate Highway 10 and U.S. Highway 90 from Orange to Del Rio. The South Zone for turkey is different for the fall and spring seasons.

Whats your state bird?

The Carolina Wren. In South Carolina it is against the law to disturb, move, destroy or otherwise interfere with a Carolina Wren nest. They are fun to watch when they are feeding their young and ... Read More »

What state has the peacock for a bird?

According to, none of the 50 states in the United States has named the peacock as its official state bird. The blue peacock primarily lives in India and Sri Lanka, National Geographic ... Read More »