What is the Texas child abandonment law?

Answer See the link below for a simple summary. Aside from a few reference differences, they follow the same general rules of every state, with one big exception. Texas allows jury trials in child custody... Read More »

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Child abandonment laws in west virginia. if a parent has not had any contanct verbal or physical for more than 6 months. is that child abandonment?

Legal Definition of Child Abandonment in Texas?

There are two contexts in which Texas law contemplates the abandonment of a child. One is in the Texas Family Code, where a variety of different definitions of abandonment are given to establish gr... Read More »

How do you file child abandonment charges on a noncustodial father who pays child support but wants nothing to do with the child?

AnswerI don't think you can , How can a father who does not have custody over the child , abandon it?added: he's not really abandoning the child if he's paying support.

What constitutes abandonment by a non custodial parent who has not paid court ordered child support nor seen the child in 5 years?