What is the percentage of Texans in the Army?

Answer separately as all-black units

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What percentage of Texans have no health insurance?

According to the Texas Medical Association, 25 percent of the state's population is uninsured, compared to 16 percent of the United States. However, this number was derived from a 2007 Census Burea... Read More »

Who was the leader of the Texans inside the Alamo?

William Barrett Travis was the leader of the Texans inside the Alamo. Travis was born in South Carolina in 1809, and he died in 1836. Travis assumed command of the Alamo in 1836.Source:LS Junction:... Read More »

Scholarships for African American Texans?

Scholarships for African Americans in Texas are numerous but may be restricted to residents of certain counties, graduates of particular high schools or to those attending a specific university. So... Read More »

How did Texans travel before the railroad was invented?

Walking was the only way for people to be mobile for centuries before some innovative inventions took its place. Prior to traveling by train, people in Texas used a variety of transportation metho... Read More »