Does the Palm Treo 600 support WiFi?

Answer The Palm Treo 600 can support Wi-Fi, but not immediately out of the box. The smartphone has a SDIO expansion slot, which allows users to add an external device to allow wireless Internet access.Re... Read More »

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Does the Palm Treo 700wx support GPS?

According to page 298 of the Palm Treo 700wx manual, the device does support the Global Positioning System, but only if you attach an optional GPS receiver and activate the GPS function through the... Read More »

Is the cradle for the Palm Treo 750 compatible with the Palm Centro?

Both the Palm Treo 750 and Palm Centro devices have the same Palm provided USB cable connectors for the cradle, so you can use the USB cable of the Treo 750 on the Palm Centro without a problem.Ref... Read More »

Is there a tech support phone number?

How did the microsoft tech support scammers get my number?

They got your number the same way other scammers and telemarketers do - they cold call based upon numbers generated by a computer algorithm, or they bought a list of phone numbers. As for how they... Read More »