Where you can get the tardis sound effect used in the lodger when Amy tries to land the tardis but it fails to materialize?

Answer "Sammy's got demon blood in him. You might have to kill him."

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How can I build my own TARDIS?

To synchronize the Eye of Harmony with the TARDIS Matrix. You just need to find an exploding star in the act of becoming a black hole, rip the star from it's orbit and suspend it in a permanent sta... Read More »

What powers the tardis?

The tardis is powered by the universe itself. It can use a process similar to nuclear fusion, which releases energy in an amount equal to the mass times the speed of light squared. (or E=mc^2). it ... Read More »

What was the dispute between the BBC and The Met over the tardis?

I'm sure like many women, They are good in one way or another :)

What is a tardis shed?

The TARDIS, a feature of the popular British TV show "Doctor Who," has become popular in a surprising way in recent years. Sheds built to model the TARDIS have been specially ordered by many people... Read More »