What game show uses a lie detector?

Answer Bob Monkhouse was host of Family Fortunes from the show's beginning in 1980 until he was replaced by Max Bygraves in 1983. see related link

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What is sitcom tv show in 70s or early 80s like a show within a show home improvement style thing but all remember is that the main character a woman had some cooking show in it?

It was called something like "mamma mia", it was shown in the UK on Channel 4 in the mid 1980s.

Was there a show called That 60's Show that preceded That 70's Show?

no , i don't think so but i'm pretty sure there is a that 80's show or something like that but it got cancelled b/c no one watched it :(

On the Ellen degeneres show What is the name of the show that airs the beginning of the show at the end and the end of the show at the beginning of the show?

What tv show that starts with p and is a cime show that has links from the past?

The little boy who plays Henery is AJ Cook's (JJ) in real life I do not know his real name but if you google it you should find it