In what episode of The Wire did Avon Barksdale say ''The old man always said Live by the sword die by the sword.?

Answer Some episode in Season One I think..Sorry i couldn't be of more help

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What was the 80's sword and sorcery live active tv series with camp and an unbreakable sword?

The title is "Wordplay" and it's second episode of season one of the 1985 Twilight Zone series.

What game is for a Wii Light Sword?

The Wii Light Sword is typically used with the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. The sword features 22 bright LEDs and an on-and-off switch. It requires three AA batteries to operate.Source:Enga... Read More »

What is the origin of the Chinese sword?

The dao, or saber, was replaced by the bronze jian, or sword, beginning during the Western Zhou Dynasty (11th century to 771 B.C.) because the jian was easier to wield in combat. The dao, however, ... Read More »

What was written on the Sword in the Stone?

The Sword in the Stone, also known as Excalibur, had inscribed on its hilt: "Whoso pulleth out this sword from this stone and anvil is rightwise king born of all England."Source:"The Once and Futur... Read More »