How Is Toluene Made?

Answer Toluene, or methylbenzene, is a clear liquid that is insoluble in water and smells like paint thinner. Toluene is miscible with most organic solvents and is commonly used as an organic solvent itse... Read More »

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What is the density of toluene?

The density of toluene is 0.87 g/cm3, a little less than that of water, which has a density of 1.00 g/cm3. Toluene is a flammable organic solvent that does not mix with water, and it is often used ... Read More »

What is the chemical formula for toluene?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology, the chemical formula of toluene is C7H8, which is seven atoms of carbon and eight of hydrogen. It has a molecular weight of 92.13842 g/mol, a he... Read More »

How many carbon atoms does toluene have?

Toluene, pronounced "ta-you-een," is a chemical used as a solvent. Its chemical name is C6H5CH3; it has seven carbon atoms. The molecule consists of five hydrogen atoms and six carbon atoms, the si... Read More »

How to Dispose of Xylene & Toluene in a Laboratory?

Technicians commonly use xylene and toluene in a laboratory setting. Hematology labs that test blood rely on both of these chemicals as solvents, while hospital laboratories can use either chemical... Read More »