What is the common stock price for IBM?

Answer IBM's stock price fluctuates during each trading day. During April of 2010, the stock price was between $116.00 and $132.28. Over the 52-week period ending in May 2010, it was between $99.50 and $1... Read More »

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How is the price of a stock determined?

Investors purchase stocks to generate wealth. Identifying the drivers behind share price performance is critical to improve your returns. Recognize distinct trading patterns before formulating your... Read More »

What is a bid price in stock trading?

Because stocks move from owner to owner electronically, many part-time investors don't understand how stocks are actually traded. For those who have purchased real estate, purchasing stock takes on... Read More »

What determines a stock price?

A stock prices reflects supply and demand. There is a bid and ask price. A bid is what someone is willing to pay for it and ask is what someones willing to sell it for. When you see the ticker on C... Read More »

How Does a Company's Stock Increase in Price?

If you are new to investing, one of the helpful things to understand is how the price per share of a company's stock can increase. A company issues the number of stock shares available, and the sto... Read More »