What is the origin of the state of Wyoming's name?

Answer Wyoming's name is believed to come from the Algonquin or Delaware Indians. Wyoming means "land of vast plains" or "large prairie place." From 1868 until 1890, the area was called the Wyoming Territ... Read More »

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Is it legal to carry a gun in a holster in the state of Wyoming?

There is no statute in Wyoming that explicitly states that you cannot carry a firearm openly. Wyoming law does detail that it is necessary to have a firearm permit. The statutes also point out the ... Read More »

Colorado's State Bird and State Flower?

Colorado's official symbols celebrate mountains and plains. In 1933 the state adopted the lark bunting as its official bird. The iconic blue and white columbine, which grows high in the Rocky Moun... Read More »

How close is Yellowstone, Wyoming, to Pinedale, Wyoming?

The vast Yellowstone National Park covers parts of three states: Montana, Idaho and northwest Wyoming. Pinedale is a small town located in central Wyoming's Sublette County. Yellowstone at its near... Read More »

Whats your state bird?

The Carolina Wren. In South Carolina it is against the law to disturb, move, destroy or otherwise interfere with a Carolina Wren nest. They are fun to watch when they are feeding their young and ... Read More »