What is the first day of the week on the Spanish-language calendar?

Answer Spanish-speaking countries do not consider Sunday to be the first day of the week. Instead, the Spanish-language calendar starts the week a day later on Lunas, which English speakers refer to as Mo... Read More »

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In what language is the word"Serengeti"?

The word "serengeti" comes from the Masai, or Maasai, language -- a native African language. In Masai, "serengeti" means "wide plains" or "endless plains." It can also translate as "never-ending p... Read More »

What is the ancient Phoenician word for language?

The word for "language" in Phoenician is "lasoun," which also means "tongue." Phoenician was spoken along the Eastern Mediterranean and northern African coast in what is now Lebanon, Syria and Isra... Read More »

What is the word for pain in the polish language?

The word, "pain" has different meanings, based on context. The word "ból" in the Polish language means "pain." Communicate regional pain from an ache by specifying the part of the body with "ból.... Read More »

What language did the word cummerbund come from?

The word "cummerbund," also called a cumberbund, comes from the Hindi word "kamarband," which means loin band. Today, a cummerbund is a broad sash that fits around the waist under a formal dinner j... Read More »