Can I translate this into the Spanish language?

Answer need trranslator an upgrade

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Spanish As a Second Language Activities?

Learning a language has never been easier with the current advances in teaching methods and technology. Many students of the Spanish language enjoy studying in classroom situations, as well as the ... Read More »

Can Spanish& Portuguese be considered one language?

Portuguese and Spanish are considered two different languages. Though both are based on Latin and have a similar vocabulary, Spanish and Portuguese are not mutually intelligible. Much of the vocabu... Read More »

What is the first day of the week on the Spanish-language calendar?

Spanish-speaking countries do not consider Sunday to be the first day of the week. Instead, the Spanish-language calendar starts the week a day later on Lunas, which English speakers refer to as Mo... Read More »

Spanish Language Training Courses?

A Romance language with about 417 million speakers, Spanish is spoken in Spain and 43 other countries around the world, including Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. While there are certain difference... Read More »