What is the Arabic word for"death"?

Answer There are several words in Arabic that can be translated as "death," but the most accurate would be the words "maut" or "almaut." There is a strong etymological similarity between the Latin term fo... Read More »

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What is the spanish word for nightclub?

What is the Spanish word for book?

The Spanish word for book is "el libro." This comes from the latin "libri," the same source that gives English the words "library" and "librarian." The pural of "el libro" is "los libros."Source:Sp... Read More »

What the Spanish word for the name gail?

What is the Spanish word for the color orange?

When discussing orange, the fruit, use the Spanish word "naranja." If you are describing the color, use the word "anaranjado." Since this is an adjective, the ending will change (-o/-a) to agree wi... Read More »