What is the Sociological Model of Child abuse about?

Answer It is when a child is abused due to the abusers social environment for example family structure such as job loss putting strain on family causing them to lash out at the child or large family is sm... Read More »

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What is so bad about child abuse?

The fact the child may grow up thinking it is ok to hit,call people names or lock them in a room.A lot of kids and teens have died from child abuse.And a lot of kids are now hadicapped who was not ... Read More »

What should you do about child abuse?

Report the abuser to the police. Child abuse is highly frowned upon in most, if not all, cultures.

What do you think about child abuse?

i think that WHY would people abuse or neglect little kids??

What do you think about physical child abuse?

It can do the child harm throughout their whole lives. It is wrong and the child could be scared for their whole lives and live in fear. So it should be considered wrong in the eyes of all humans.