What is the Skin of a Cigar Made of?

Answer High quality cigars are wrapped with whole tobacco leaves, of various shades. The shade of the leaf affects it's flavor.…Cheaper cigars use man made wrappe... Read More »

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What Is the Cigar Humidor Gel Made Of?

Cigar humidor gel can help maintain proper humidity in a humidor. Keeping an ideal humidity level of about 70 percent will prevent cigars from drying out, which could cause them to fall apart, or g... Read More »

What are cigar lighter flints made of?

Excluding butane lighters, most lighters are ignited by friction against an alloy called ferrocerium. The primary ingredients of ferrocerium are cerium, iron oxide and magnesium oxide. Although it ... Read More »

What is the skin on sausages made of?

What is Dragon Skin made of?

Dragon Skin is the trademarked name of a type of flexible hard-body protection made by Pinnacle Armor in Fresno, Calif. It is made of ballistic ceramic and titanium discs that overlap each other li... Read More »