Catholic Prayers for Sinners?

Answer In the Catholic faith, a sinner is someone who breaks one of the Ten Commandments as laid out by God in the Bible. These commandments say that a person shall not lie, steal, covet thy neighbor's go... Read More »

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Who are the sinners in the vestibule of hell?

I assume from the terminology that this relates to the Comedia of Dante Alighieri.The sinners in the Vestibule (Described in Canto III) are the Futile those "whose lives knew neither praise nor inf... Read More »

Differences Between a Prayer Veil & a Prayer Shawl?

Prayer veils and prayer shawls may sound similar but they are actually very different. The prayer veil has traditionally been worn by Catholic women during church services and prayer while the pray... Read More »

Will you say a prayer for me.?

Heavenly Father,Today I lift my sister Lennie into Your great care, in the name of Jesus Christ; praying Lord that You would allow Your healing power to surge through her body from head to toe and ... Read More »

Just a little prayer?

Here's some baby dust, rub it on your tummy, let it seep through, and you'll be preggo like that! I really hop you get pregnant naturally, my brother and his wife had to do invitro about 8 times be... Read More »