What is the Sentry really big remote control code for HP tv?

Answer on the back its a really little button. get like a toothpick or something small to press it and it will reset it this might work. if it does let me know

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What is the remote code for Advent TV on a Sentry jumbo remote control?

it is on the front when you open up the ds card slot and its the red button

What is the code for the Sentry really big universal remote 3 way remote control for RCA TV?

thomas eddison lisened in school and got alot of things unlike u dum people haha

Need a list code for your big sentry remote control?

Try any codes you can find for Sansui or Orion TV's. They are the same.

What is the code for Sentry's big universal remote to control a Motorola DVR?

Around 1960, based on this (bottom of the page):