What is the Salary of a Financial Broker?

Answer According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of a financial broker is $68,680. However, since financial brokersÕ salaries are largely commission based, they fluctuate grea... Read More »

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What is the role of a broker in the financial market?

The role of the stock broker is an ever-evolving one that continues to be affected by changes in technology and changes in the kinds of products offered to the investing public.ProductsStock broker... Read More »

Salary of a Food Broker?

A food broker is a marketing sales agent. Brokers negotiate sales between food manufacturers or producers and food buyers, such as restaurants and retail stores. Some brokers may specialize in part... Read More »

What is a Commodity Broker's Salary?

A commodity broker's average hourly salary is $44.26, or $92,050 annually. Those in the lower 10 percent earn an hourly wage of $14.86, or $30,900 annually. The upper 10 percent can expect to ear... Read More »

What is the Salary of a Stock Broker Clerk?

The average annual salary of a stock broker clerk (also known as a brokerage clerk) is approximately $41,370, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries can trend as low as $26,360 ... Read More »