What is the Salary Range for Grant Writers?

Answer The salary range for grant writers varies significantly with level of experience. Full-time grant writers with less than a year experience can typically earn up to $37,879 annually, while more exp... Read More »

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What is the salary for grant writers?

An entry level grant writer (someone with less than a year of experience) earns a median salary between $30,000 and $41,000. A grant writer with five to 10 years experience typically earns $38,000-... Read More »

What is the salary range for beginning freelance writers?

According to job postings on, the average freelance writer salary is $14,000 a year. However, this varies depending on the type of writing. Most freelance writers begin with small, part-... Read More »

How much are grant writers paid per grant?

While the amount grant writers can make per grant vary greatly depending on experience and time spent on writing the grant, writers can make from $1,000 to $8,000 per project. Grant writers can mak... Read More »

Typical Commissions for Grant Writers?

The commission provided for writing a grant may vary based on a number of factors: the number of years experience you have with grant writing, the amount of the grant and the organization type. How... Read More »