What is the Safari browser?

Answer The Safari web browser offers many innovative features while staying true to Apple's high standards for design.DefinitionSafari is an Internet browser created by Apple. It runs on the iPhone, iPod ... Read More »

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What is the better browser safari, google chrome, internet explorer, or mozilla firefox?

Chrome. None of the others comare - I had issues with the lot of them till I went to Chrome.

Is safari a good web browser?

On One Hand: Safari Does Its Job WellIn a comparison of Firefox and Safari web browsers, the San Diego Union-Tribune called Safari "One of the best web browsers ever designed." In addition, reviewe... Read More »

How safe is safari browser?

On One Hand: Security ThreatsAccording to Christian Zibreg in a 2008 TG Daily article, Apple's Safari web browser isn't safe because "there are no security protect users from online s... Read More »

How good is safari browser?

On One Hand: Safari is Bad on MACAccording to, Safari is a buggy, difficult program that often shuts down or crashes. Unlike better browsers like Firefox, it doesn't remember open tabs wh... Read More »