How to Record a Conference With a Laptop?

Answer You can record a conference with your laptop if you have a built-in camera or a separate webcam. Most laptop computers come with video software so you can record straight onto your computer's hard ... Read More »

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Which conference has the best record in the NCAA Tournament?

When it comes to dominating the NCAA tournament, the Big East has it in the hoop. They proudly claim the reputation as "the best men's basketball conference in the country", as Tara Sullivan writes... Read More »

My age is 42 years, and i have high blood pressure from last 10 years. my bp remains 190 /115. what i have to?

Seek out a doctor and he can give you blood pressure medication to keep it under control.

What nfl team holds the record for fewest yards allowed in a super bowl game?

On Jan. 13, 1975, the NFC champion Minnesota Vikings played against the AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl IX. The Pittsburgh defense held the Minnesota offense to only 119 yards, the ... Read More »

Who holds the NFL record for most touchdowns in the Super Bowl?

Former NFL wide receiver Jerry Rice holds the career record for most touchdowns in the Super Bowl. Rice accumulated eight touchdowns in four Super Bowl games. The all-time record for the most touch... Read More »