Are Russian nationalism and Russian patriotism synonyms or antonyms?

Answer Easy. Patriotism is about a state and its institutions while nationalism makes people the main priority, in our particular case Russian people. For example, the communists are patriotic about the S... Read More »

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What Is Russian Charoite?

Russian charoite is a purple gemstone with a "streaky or swirled" appearance, according to "The Sourcebook of Decorative Stone: An Illustrated Identification Guide," by Monica T. Price. While it's ... Read More »

What is an Russian olive?

Please see related link below.a Russian olive is a tree with olives on it.

What is Russian dressing?

Russian dressing is a creamy vinaigrette dressing created in the United States. This dressing was especially popular in America during the late 19th century. Its ingredients vary widely.HistoryWhil... Read More »

What is a Russian doll?

Wooden nesting dolls are a common souvenir from a trip to Russia. These dolls are highly collectible and famous around the world.HistoryThe first Russian nesting dolls were created in 1890 in Mosco... Read More »