What is the name of the skunk in Looney Tunes?

Answer That lovable little old polecat is none other than... Pepe Le Pew!

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How to Draw Taz from Looney Tunes?

Taz is a cartoon character from Warner Brothers Looney Tunes series. Taz, or the Tasmanian Devil, has an appetite for anything and everything, making him a character that you will enjoy watching. L... Read More »

Is Tweety from looney tunes Italian?

Who is the Pyrenees type shaggy white haired cartoon dog with small eyes not Sam from Looney Tunes?

Isn"t Mr. Phelps in enough Hot Water ( no pun intended) over the Marijuana pall? enough is enough, keep guys like this away from kids.I am a subscriber to a major game show blog and I have heard no... Read More »

What was the first looney tunes short?

Bugs Bunny made the scene originally in l927 as a Warner Brothers attraction, along with sound films (Jazz Singer) and Newsreels.