What is the Roman name for Hermes?

Answer Mercury is the Roman name for the Greek god, Hermes. He was the messenger of the gods as well as the god of trade and profit. Both figures carry several similarities in their depiction including th... Read More »

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Do Hermes handbags have the designer name embossed on bag?

Most people know Hermes for creating high-quality leather items, especially when it comes to their handbags. The name on a Hermes handbag is engraved instead of embossed, according to the Six Star ... Read More »

What is the Roman name for Poseidon?

Poseidon was one of the most important gods in Greek mythology. He was the ruler of the sea, while his brothers Zeus and Hades ruled the sky and the underworld respectively. In Roman mythology, he ... Read More »

What is the Roman name for the Rhine River?

The Latin language was brought to Italy about 1,000 BC. Ancient Romans primarily spoke Latin, although the educated classes were also taught Greek. The Latin name for the Rhine River is Rhenus.Sour... Read More »

What is the name of the city that was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire?

Emperor Constantine made the city of Byzantium his capital of the Roman Empire and renamed the city Constantinople. As the Roman Empire fractured into an eastern and western empire, Constantinople ... Read More »