What is the Role of the midwife during labor?

Answer She is the one following, testing, supports you and deliver the baby unless there are complications and they have to call a doctor in.

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What is the role of a midwife?

The role of a midwife goes much further than delivering babies. Although the birth itself is at the heart of the process, midwives also provide support to women, babies, partners and families from ... Read More »

Is it detectable during labor and after giving birth that you smoked weed during your pregnancy?

YES it is detectable and you can even tell without any tests you want to know why??? Because it affects your baby mentally and physically and in the future emotionally!!!!

During the active phase of labor 4-5 Cm the patient who is using lamaze should be encourage to use which of the following technique during a contraction?

What was the role of the CIA in Vietnam during the 50s and 60s?

I would imagine the Director of Mossad reports directly to the Prime Minister of Israel.