What is the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)?

Answer For adults up to age 70 it is 600 IU. After age 70 its 800 IU. However, this is controversial today because the best source of vitamin D is sunshine, but many people who live in cold climates do no... Read More »

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What is the recommended daily allowance of potassium for adults?

Recommended daily allowance for Potassium US RDA: 3.5g EU RDA: 3.5g The Institute of Medicine does not have a recommended daily allowance for potassium, but an "allowed intake" that they conside... Read More »

What is the daily allowance for soy?

Answer When you say daily allowance, you're implying that soy is a sort of essential nutrient that must be consumed every day for good health, such as vitamin C or potassium. While soy is a health... Read More »

How much fish oil is recommended daily?

The recommended dosage of fish oil varies based on the health of the individual taking it. For individuals with high triglycerides, 2 to 4 g is recommended daily. For heart disease, 1 g is recommen... Read More »

How many sit ups should I do daily A recommended amount.?

soreness is a good indication that your muscles are a bit torn. doing sit-ups daily will lead to injury, back and neck aches. if you want abs I say burn the fat all over your body to see those abs.... Read More »