What is the Purpose of a close-up camera shot?

Answer There could be many possible reasons, I'm not a camera expert myself, but it could be if you can't get close enough to something then you can get a good shot (If you have the right camera for it). ... Read More »

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What is the purpose of an hcg shot?

IMPORTANT: hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin has NOT been shown to have any measurable effect on weight loss or body fat distribution. Do not waste your time and money or put yourself at risk get... Read More »

What part of a camera does the telpoto and close up lenses emphasize camera?

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Is it true that a 10 megapixel shot would look exactly the same as a 3 MP shot from the same camera?

This answer gets more complicated each time I think about it.If you display the pix at 100%, The 3MP shot will require scrolling about 25% horizontally and vertically, whereas the 10MP shot will re... Read More »

Need camera for a student at school. Is the Canon Sure Shot Zoom-S a slr camera?

Canon Sure Shot Zoom-S is not a SLR offer variety of brand name digital cameras, including compact Point & Shoot and SLR Professional types of cameras.