What is the Proper Way to Wax a Car?

Answer When you wax a car, you're doing more than having a car vanity project in front of your neighbors. While it might make your car look shiny and new, waxing a car also can help protect against weathe... Read More »

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What is CIA proper?

The CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency.

What is the proper way to use a Hoe?

Put the ho in your husband's hands and tell him to get busy. It doesn't really matter what type of ho we are talking about here. A man knows how to use a ho. Just watch him and you will learn.Yo... Read More »

What Is the Proper Use of Cologne?

Cologne, named for the German city where it's been popularized, conveys a scent when applied to the skin. While cologne can technically be used by men or women it's generally made for men, whereas ... Read More »

What is the proper use of an apostrophe?

An apostrophe is a punctuation mark that is used to form contractions, to show possession or to indicate the plural form of a letter of the alphabet.Singular PossessiveTo show possession or ownersh... Read More »