What is the Proper Use of Concrete Screws?

Answer Concrete screws are the common name for a specialty fastener used to tap threads into cement block, brick or concrete. The threads are designed to cut through the hardened base material and remove ... Read More »

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Are there screws for concrete?

Several types of concrete screws and fastening methods are available. Self-tapping concrete screws, threaded anchors, anchors with studs, sleeve anchors and toggle bolts are among the choices for c... Read More »

What is the life span of a concrete pool with proper care?

Answer In general, the typical gunnite built-in pool will last a good 30-40 years before any significant re-work to the pool itself is usually needed. Given proper care and maintanence, there is no... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Concrete & Reinforced Concrete?

All concrete is made basically the same way. But that's like saying all cakes are made basically the same way. The basics may be the same, but the ingredients and the way they are mixed make a big ... Read More »

What Is Better--Concrete Paint or Concrete Stain?

Concrete is a versatile and economical building material that can be used in a variety of different applications. Concrete is durable, functional, and versatile. One of the few negative features of... Read More »