What is the Pitch Control Function on a CD Player?

Answer The pitch control on a compact disc player is a non-standard function that allows you to manipulate the pitch and tone of the music that you are listening to.

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How to Change the Pitch in Windows Media Player?

Pitch is one of the core characteristics of sound. It is measured by frequency, with different frequencies representing different aspects of a sound. When you hear booming bass notes you are hearin... Read More »

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Can I change the pitch of an audio file& save it in Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player is designed to play and organize a variety of audio files; however, it will not let you change the pitch of a file. To change the pitch or octave of an audio file you will need... Read More »

What is the function of a mp3 player?

an mp3 player is simply a generic version of an ipod. depending on which mp3 player you buy, it would be able to listen to radio, listen to music, and even watch videos.