What is the Philips SRU1018 urc code for DL tv?

Answer code nomber for sanyo-t.v

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What is the code to program a universal Philips remote to a Philips tv?

Try these codes: 525, 566, 651, 652, 655, 656, 671, 690, 723, 724, 729, 770.

I forgot my parental code on my TV, i was wondering if your would know a default code its a Philips Magnavox?

Hi there this is an easy one - Enter the access code 0711 it will say wrong code - enter same code again 0711 and it should be off hope this helps cheers from shaun.

What is the code for Philips CL019 for a JVC TV?

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What is the code for a Philips universal remote for a Symphonic 13 tv?

The Symphonic televisions usually all have one code to transmit the signal to the Philips Universal Remotes. The normal code that works for most of them is 4827-1593.