What Is a Homestead Exclusion?

Answer A homestead exclusion reduces the amount of property tax due on a private property used as a permanent residence. Homestead exclusion provisions are included in local tax laws to reduce the overall... Read More »

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What Is an Insurance Treaty Exclusion?

In insurance industry jargon, a treaty is an agreement between a reinsurer and the former insurer who is ceding an insurance policy. A treaty exclusion is a declaration in that treaty of special co... Read More »

What is the key exclusion in Erection All Risk insurance coverage?

What was the Chinese Exclusion Act's effect in China?

America's Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which suspended immigration of Chinese, sent a wave of anti-American sentiment throughout China that culminated in 1905, when the Qing court refused to rene... Read More »

What is a condominium association exclusion rider bond?

Your broker can explain this concept to you given your particular situation in your state.